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Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:48 am
by ctrlv
if you have any questions please post these infos.

- printer brand
- printer model
- print material
- print temperature(s)
- slicer including version
- printer connection (USB/SD/LAN)

there could be a lot of things go wrong, here the most common ones

your printbed is not leveled (should be better than layerheigth you're printing, e.g use a Micrometre)
your axis (Y/X/Z) clearence (with higher speed you also get problems with the moving mass)
your slicer and configuration (every slicer handles things different and could contain bugs)
retract settings (not correctly set you will see blobs or holes on every retract position)
to high temperature (small details will get overheated)
to reach this time, your printer should run between 60-200mm/s, infill as fast as possible. not every printer works in this range, so try to figure out where you're printer limit is.
text is hard to read > use a smaller nozzle/other slicer